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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Associated Press-Stanford University Poll

Associated Press-Stanford University has conducted a poll where 3/4th three of every four Americans consider climate change as a serious problem that will affect future generations. They ask for immediate solution to the problem.

According to survey, they believe that the earth is already warming.

The survey was conducted through phone by AP-Stanford poll in November. Some 1,005 adults were contacted by telephone.

The International Climate Conference has reached an agreement with nations to cut greenhouse gases, but no specific or mandatory cuts were drafted.

In the AP-Stanford poll, when it asked to its participants how serious they thought global warming is … 42 percent considered it very serious and 31 percent said it to be somewhat serious.

Two-thirds, or 63 percent, said that something is to be done to reduce the threat of global warming; otherwise, future generations will be hurt. Another 13 percent said future generations would be somewhat harmed.

For most of them economy posed a serious problem, only 41 percent viewed global warming as extremely or very important to them. 22 percent of the respondents who considered that warming "probably is not happening," about half said they also are extremely or very sure of that conclusion.

Two years ago, only one-third of people felt that way when asked the same question.

It is clear that people have started realizing the seriousness about the Global Warming.

It is time that we take some individual action ourselves to combat Global Warming.

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